Most people never think about filtering shower water.  All attention is normally put in the safety of their drinking water.  However, it is very important to ensure that the water you normally use from the shower is safe.  This is because unfiltered shower water could be very dangerous even more than your drinking water.  Additionally, the shower head is likely to hold bacteria as well as fungus over a period of time.  The benefits of using shower filters are discussed in this article.


A shower filter is necessary to remove the chemical impurities contained in the water.  Since the water companies treat water with chlorine and chloramine to destroy the waterborne bacteria and other germs, sometimes your skin may react to them and cause you serious problems. The water companies use these chemicals since they are the best to get rid of infectious organisms.  Therefore, the only way we can avoid the chemicals is by using shower filters.


AquaBliss Shower filters usually help to prevent respiratory problems in the long run.  The reason behind this is because chlorine is a halogen.  When halogens are inhaled, they usually aggravate the walls of the respiratory system.  Hot shower water produces chlorine fumes which expose someone to possible problems of the respiratory tract.  Chlorine fumes are also known to cause bronchitis and asthma.  It is therefore vital to filter our shower water to keep at bay such diseases.


Filtered water helps our skin to grow healthier and smoother.  Water treated with chlorine usually makes your skin look dull and old over time.  To ensure that your skin is smooth, younger-looking, healthy and well-toned, always ensure that you use filtered water.  By doing so, you will also prevent conditions such as freckles, rashes, and hives which come as a result of irritation and contamination. Read for more details about shower filter.


Shower filters are also important in protecting unborn babies.  Study shows that drinking water which has chloramine and chlorine in pregnancy may cause you to deliver a baby with congenital problems.  Similarly, miscarriages, premature births, and stillbirths can be a consequence of the chlorine in the water.  To minimize or get rid of these risks, consider using a good shower filter.



Finally, it is worthwhile to note that when you filter your showering water, you reduce chloroform levels in the air thereby getting an atmosphere that is fresh.  As a result, there will be no danger of inhaling these chemicals in your compound meaning the risk of diseases is averted, click to know more!